LIVE REPORTING: Stacked Poker Championship Main Event Day 1B & 1C

LIVE REPORTING: Stacked Poker Championship Main Event Day 1B & 1C


John C. has managed to extract some chips from Qing Ye, having being redrawn back to the seat he was eliminated from after electing to re-enter this flight.

Almost as soon as he sat back down, John C. ripped in his stack with A♣Q♠ and found himself in a fair fight against Ye’s A♥8♥, however neither hand improved on the board of 2♦K♣5♦9♣J♥, resulting in a full double for John C.

John C.90,000Qing Ye75,000

That’s pretty good!

Nathan Goodall has cracked the 200K mark after scoring a big double-up through Michael Tomeny out on the feature table.

Tomeny opened to 6,000 from UTG+1 and the action folded around to Goodall who flatted from the button. Gavin Best defended his small blind, so it was three-handed to a flop of A♠3♥6♥.

Best checked to Tomeny who led out for 12,000, but Goodall quickly raised, which prompted Best to get out of the way before Tomeny jammed over the top. Goodall short-called.

Goodall: 6♠6♦
Tomeny: A♥Q♦

Goodall’s set held for the full double after the turn and river ran out J♥, 8♠.

Nathan Goodall202,000Michael Tomeny121,000

Level 11: 1,500/2,500 (2,500)

Curly gives ones up

Pierce Hynes has found a double-up through Emmanuel ‘Curly’ Seal in one of the last hands before start of the penultimate level of Day 1B.

Hynes jammed the last of his stack in with K♥8♣ before the flop, but managed to outdraw Seal’s A♥K♦ after he spiked second pair on the board of [invalid notations].

Pierce Hynes64,300Emmanuel ‘Curly’ Seal75,000

See ya, Seah

“All in and a call, mate … I’m an 80% favourite!”

Those were the words of Shane Baxter, who called our reporter over to witness an all-in-pre-flop showdown against Lionel Seah.

Baxter: A♥A♣
Seah: J♦J♣

Baxter moved further ahead after the flop of 10♣9♣9♥, but although Seah found some hope with the Q♥, the river 7♥ was one pip short.

Left with 11,500, Seah was eliminated a short time later.

Shane Baxter145,000Lionel SeahBUSTED!

GG, J.C.

John C. has now fired another bullet into the Stacked Poker Championship Main Event after being eliminated over the space of two hands.

In earlier action, Eli X. opened to 6,500 from the +1 position before action folded to Qing Ye, who ripped in his last 52,400 from the hijack. John C. iso-shoved from the cut-off to force Eli X. out of the way and the cards were tabled.

John C: Q♠Q♣
Ye: A♦9♦

Board: 2♣9♠5♣9♥A♠

Down to 15,200 in chips, John C. got them in good a short time later with A♠10♦, but was outdrawn by David Ewing’s Q♥9♦ on the board of 7♥9♥4♣7♠5♦. K.O.

Qing Ye150,000Dave Ewing85,000John C.BUSTED!

Level 10: 1,000/2,000 (2,000)

Have a break

Time for one more 10-minute intermission, and then three more levels before we bag and tag. Back soon!

The Behniya-Sidana bonanza

Afshin Behniya and Rajat Sidana have each scored an elimination in the lead-up to the last of break of today’s flight.

Over on the feature table, Roman Priplotski had moved all-in on the turn with Q♠Q♥ on a board of 9♦6♥7♣8♥9♠, but Sidana had rolled up 5♥4♥for the straight.

Behniya also cracked a big pair on his table; despite getting his money in behind with J♦9♣, against the all-in player’s K♥K♣, Behniya drilled two pair on the flop of 9♥8♠J♥ and then filled up after the board completed 7♦, 9♠.

Afshin Behniya150,000Rajat Sidana131,000Roman PriplotskiBUSTED!

P.P. pressure

Back over on Table 3, Shane Baxter was heads-up against Super High Roller final tablist P.P. Huang, with action pending on the river with a board that read 8♠3♦5♦4♠10♦.

Baxter checked to Huang, who moved all-in for his last 64,500 – roughly the same amount as the pot. Baxter spent a good three minutes in the blender before he decided to open-fold 7♠7♣.

P.P. Huang104,000Shane Baxter79,000

Hachem locked out

Jacob Lock has just picked up a whole bunch of chips and the proverbial scalp of Joe Hachem as we head into Level 9.

All the money went into the middle after the turn on the board of Q♦9♠K♠4♣; Hachem had flopped second pair with his Q♣10♥, but was in a world of hurt against Lock who tabled K♦Q♠ for two pair.

Hachem then proceeded to the cage to re-fire after the 3♣ blanked out on the river.

Jacob Lock154,800Joe HachemBUSTED!

Level 9: 800/1,600 (1,600)

Hussaini heisted

Meerwais Hussaini’s run in this tournament has now come to an end after he gave up the last of chips to David Sun.

Having been dealt a critical hit by Qing Ye in a previous hand, Hussaini got his chips in good with K♠K♣, however Sun’s A♦Q♠ spiked another Ace on the flop and held as the board completed 2♦A♣J♣6♦4♦.

It was at that moment that Shane Baxter took the opportunity to audition for the PMA Live Reporting Team.

“Here’s some headlines for you!” Baxter exclaimed. “Sun rising, Sun up … hey, it’s almost 6 o’clock, the Sun’s going down!”

Have our people call your people, let’s do lunch!

David Sun163,100Meerwais HussainiBUSTED!

Tyanting tossed

Tyanting Wang has been chopped out of a three-way all-in pot on the feature table as action continues in Day 1B of the Stacked Poker Championship Main Event.

All the money was in the middle pre-flop and we got there as the cards were tabled.

Goodall: A♠K♣
Best: A♦K♠
Wang: 8♠7♠

Board: K♥6♦9♠8♣Q♦

Top-top for both Goodall and Best, which resulted in a full split of what was left of Wang’s chips.

Gavin Best165,400Nathan Goodall69,200Tyanting WangBUSTED!

Meerwais left wanting

Our reporter caught heads-up action between Qing Ye and Meerwais Hussaini heads-up to a flop of 5♣K♠Q♣; Hussaini check-called Ye’s bet of 1,700, and then both players checked the turn of the K♦.

Hussaini led out for 3,200 on the river of the 8♣, but tank-folded after Ye’s all-in bet, which resulted in his stack being cut down to less than half the start bank.

Qing Ye49,000Meerwais Hussaini21,600

Aoukar advances

Pierre Aoukar has knocked out a player heads up after the action went all in-call on the turn.

The board completed 3♦5♣2♠7♦6♥, with Aoukar’s 7♣7♠ spiking a set on the turn, which resulted in his opponent being knocked out after they showed down 5x 2x for two pair.

Level 8: 600/1,200 (1,200)

Two for Tomeny

A massive three-way all-in developed after the flop of 7♠4♦4♠, with Michael Tomeny, Higor Sebel and Nathan Goodall getting all their chips into the middle.

Goodall: K♥K♠
Tomeny: 8♦8♠
Sebel: 6♠5♠

Tomeny hit a runner-runner straight as the board completed 6♣, 5♦ to take down the pot and deliver the double KO.

Michael Tomeny266,600Nathan GoodallBUSTED!Higor SebelBUSTED!

Ooh AA, Seah

Over on Table 3, Lionel Seah went all-in-pre for 20,900, and was quickly called by Josh Foster.

Foster’s K♦10♦ was left dead the whole way through a board of 7♦Q♠10♥5♠7♣, as Seah flipped up A♦A♠ to claim the full double.

Lionel Seah43,000Josh Foster29,600

No such thing as Tomeny chances

Some heated action on the feature table, as Michael Tomeny went heads up on a preflop all in-call with Tyanting Wang who is currently on his third chance in today’s flight. Tomeny held A♦K♠, but failed to hit against Wang’s 6♦6♠ which held clean through the board of 9♥4♥10♦9♠3♥, busting Tomeny.

It wasn’t the last of the action between the two however, as Tomeny quickly re-entered and was drawn back into the same seat to go all in-call pre with Wang again.

Tomeny’s A♥J♥ quickly hit Ace-Jack two pair as the dealer spread J♦Q♣A♦9♥7♠, leaving Wang’s A♣8♠ trailing cold.

Michael Tomeny112,500Tyanting Wang60,000

Calcagno no more

Scott Calcagno went all in on the turn, holding J♦10♦ suited connectors which had flopped top pair and improved to two pair and a flush draw on a spread J♣8♦3♣3♦. Unfortunately for Calcagno, Perri called with K♣8♣ for the other flush draw which hit the 10♣ river, knocking him out.

Marco Perri183,000Scott CalcagnoBUSTED!

No pot for Perri

Emmanuel “Curly” Seal min bet on a rainbow flop of 2♥9♦7♣, with Marco Perri calling from the button. Both players checked the 5♦ turn, and Seal laid a bet of 5,100 into the 3♥ river. Perri surrendered his cards into the muck, awarding Seal the pot which shifted him up closer with the average stack.

Marco Perri145,100Emmanuel “Curly” Seal60,600

Sun down

Qing Ye opened pre to 2,000 from the cutoff and then called David Sun’s raise to 7,500 from the button. On the flop of Q♥A♣10♥, Ye check-called Sun’s 3,100 bet, and both checked on the 9♣ turn. The river delivered Q♦ with Ye ripping a bet of 19,700, forcing a fold from Sun.

David Sun145,100Qing Ye65,300

Level 7: 500/1,000 (1,000)

Have a stretch

Our players are now on another 10-minute break, with the tournament clock showing 61 total entries with 44 players remaining. Back soon!

No win for Tin

It’s not often that you see Tin Win’s name on the tournament casualty list, but unfortunately, that is the case today, as he’s just been felted by John C.

All the money was in the middle after the turn on the board of K♥2♣A♠3♣; Win was at risk and on the come with his 6♣4♣, but John C. had flopped top pair holding A♦6♥ and held after the river 9♥ completed the board.

John C.85,000Tin WinBUSTED!

Hachem … SMASH!

The beauty of re-entry tournaments is that fortunes can change on a dime, and that’s certainly the case for Joe Hachem, who’s now back in action on Table 5.

After a pre-flop raise of 1,800 from early position, Eli X. called, along with both the small blind player and Hachem in the big blind to make it four handed to a flop of 7♠3♠4♠.

The small blind checked, Hachem bet 5,000 and Eli was the only caller, so it was heads-up to the turn of the K♠, which both players checked, before Hachem opened for 30,000 after the river 2♣. Eli called, but mucked after Hachem showed down A♠2♦ for the nut flush.

Hachem then found himself calling off an all-in player a short time later, but although his A♠K♥ trailed his opponent’s A♦A♣, Hachem jagged trip Kings on the board of K♦8♣K♠6♦J♦ to send his adversary to the rail.

Joe Hachem128,000Eli X.73,800Joe Hachem

Hachem smashed

Chris Colaneri has eliminated Joe Hachem over the course of two hands as we moved into the final level of play before the next break.

Earlier, Hachem raised from under the gun and found two callers in Pierre Aoukar and Anne Anne Beyguliogh before Colaneri three-bet from the button. The other three players called, and then all four players checked the flop of 2♣3♠Q♥.

Action then checked to Colaneri after the turn of the K♥; Colaneri opened and Aoukar got out of the way, making it three-handed to the river 8♠, where action checked to Colaneri once again.

Colaneri then fired out a bet worth 20,500, leaving only 13,000 behind. Hachem check-called and Beyguliogh check-folded, but Hachem also sent his hand into the muck after Colaneri showed down A♥K♣.

Down to around 13,000 in chips, Hachem then ripped them in a short time later with Q♥J♠, but was unable to improve against Colaneri’s A♥5♥ on the board of 2♦7♣K♥7♦6♦.

Chris Colaneri126,200Joe HachemBUSTED!

Level 6: 400/800 (800)

Lock down

Stand-up equity has paid off for Eli X., who has just scored a chunk of change off Jacob Lock as we moved towards the sixth level of play in this Main Event flight.

Action was five-handed into a flop of 9♠Q♥4♦; action checked to Eli who moved all-in for his last 28,800 from late position and Lock was the only caller out of the small blind.

Lock: A♦A♣
Eli: K♥Q♣

A repeat Q♠ on the turn gave Eli trips, and he then filled up with the river K♦ for the full double.

Eli X.123,600Jacob Lock81,000

Morales on the move

Tyanting Wang has returned to the cage to re-fire after being eliminated by Nick Morales out on Table 4.

After being crippled in an earlier hand, Wang moved all-in pre-flop for around 13,500 holding 5♥3♦, but despite picking up a pair and a straight draw on the board of 5♣7♦4♥K♣Q♣, it wasn’t enough against Morales’ 6♠6♥.

Nick Morales79,700Tyanting WangBUSTED!

Ceravand cracks a century

After a shaky start, Behrans Ceravand has steadied the ship and is now past the 100K mark as Day 1B of the Stacked Social Main Event continues.

Over on Table 2, the player in the UTG position raised to 1,500 and got three callers (including Pierce Hynes) before Ceravand three-bet from the button to 7,000. The initial raiser and Hynes folded, so it was three-handed to the flop of 8♥7♣2♦.

Action then checked to Ceravand who fired 15,000, but that was enough to get the others out of the way.

Level 5: 300/600 (600)

Tyanting building

Back over on Table 4, Joe Hachem has now joined the fray and was involved in some action action along with Pierre Aoukar and Tyanting Wang.

Earlier, our reporter picked up action between Aoukar and Wang to the turn on a board of 5♦9♥6♣3♣; Wang led out for 8,000 and Aoukar called, but Aoukar then mucked after Wang then open-shoved on the river J♠.

Then as the blinds ticked over to Level 5, Hachem came out with a pre-flop raise from middle position; Wang called from the cut-off, and both players checked down the flop and turn of 6♥J♥Q♣9♥ before Hachem check-folded to Wang’s bet of 3,000 on the river J♠.

Tyanting Wang85,800Pierre Aoukar73,700Joe Hachem57,500

Sidana departs

Jacob Lock has now moved up to more than double the starting stack after eliminating Rajat Sidana on Table 5.

Sidana moved all-in for his last 4,500 or so pre-flop holding A♦Q♠, but was unable to improve against Lock’s A♠K♠, which held up across the board of 5♠5♦2♣9♥4♥.

Jacob Lock101,500Rajat SidanaBUSTED!

Hynes expires

After a critical hit against Anne Beyguliogh, Pierce Hynes was subsequently felted at the hands of Pierre Aoukar in the first level after the break.

Earlier on Table 4, Beyguliogh and Hynes tangled in a big heads-up pot, with action on all streets across a board of K♠4♣9♠K♦10♦. After the river, Beyguliogh led out for 10,000 into a pot worth around 18,000 and Hynes called, but was no good against Beyguliogh’s J♠J♥.

Hynes then moved all-in from the button for 25K effective in the very next hand, but his Q♦5♦ was beaten by Pierre Aoukar’s 7♠6♠, which turned two pair on the run-out of 9♠9♠8♥7♦2♥.

Pierre Aoukar105,300Anne Beyguliogh91,000Pierce HynesBUSTED!

Level 4: 300/500 (500)

Break it down

Time for a quick stretch and a bite to eat, courtesy of Arz Charcoal Chicken. Back in 10 minutes!

Sun burns Baxter

In one of the last hands before the first break, our reporter picked up three-handed action to a flop of K♦2♥4♥.

From the small blind, Baxter opened for 6,000 into a pot worth 17,000; David Sun and Michael Tomeny called from the hijack and cut-off respectively, and then Baxter checked his option after the dealer produced the turn of the K♠.

Sun bet out 8,500, Tomeny got out of the way and Baxter then flatted before he fired out 15,000 on the river 3♥. Sun quickly moved all-in, which elicited a loud sigh from Baxter.

“I hit a flush and still can’t win!” Baxter muttered to himself before looking over in Sun’s direction. “You hit a [full house] with your fours again?”

Baxter then peeked at his cards and thought about it for another 30 seconds before flicking his hand into the muck.

David Sun119,0000Shane Baxter21,800

Del Rosario busto

After taking a big hit in an earlier hand, Ronnie Del Rosario has been relegated to the rail by John Apostolidis.

Del Rosario was down to about 5,000 in chips, which he put at risk holding K♣2♣, but despite turning two pair, Apostolidis’ 10♣9♣ rivered a straight on the board of K♠J♥9♠2♥Q♠.

John Apostolidis56,100Ronnie Del RosarioBUSTED!

Tomeny gets a double

Action folded to Michael Tomeny on the button who opened for 1,000 before Afshin Behniya re-raised to 5,000 out of the small blind. Tomeny flatted, and then moved all-in after Behniya continued for 4,000 after the flop of 10♦5♥9♣. Behniya quickly called.

Behniya: A♥K♠
Tomeny: Q♣9♥

Tomeny tripped up on the turn of the 9♦ and secured the full double., with the river 4♦ merely a formality.

Michael Tomeny52,400Afshin Behniya51,000

Del Rosario donates

Anne Beyguliogh is now almost double the starting stack in the early stages of this Main Event flight after forcing a laydown from Ronnie Del Rosario.

After another player in middle position min-raised, Del Rosario three-bet it to 3,000 and Beyguliogh called from the button. The MP also called, so it was three-handed to a flop of 6♣A♥8♥.

The MP checked, Del Rosario bet 5,200 and Beyguliogh flat-called, but the MP folded to make it heads-up to the turn of the 5♦. Del Rosario fired another 5,200, but then open-folded J♠J♣ after Beyguliogh raised to 10,000 straight.

“Next time, I’m all-in-pre,” Del Rosario said.

Anne Beyguliogh97,200Ronnie Del Rosario23,000

Level 3: 200/400 (400)

Ceravand surrenders

Over on Table 2, our reporter witnessed Roy Le and Behrans Ceravand heads-up to a flop of 4♠3♠7♣.

Le checked his option out of the big blind position and Ceravan fired a pot-sized bet of 4,500; Le called, and then both players checked down the turn of the Q♠ before Le fired 10,000 after the A♠ appeared on the river, which prompted an insta-fold from Ceravand.

Roy Le57,000Behrans Ceravand33,000

A little something for Tyanting

After a UTG+1 raised to 600 from David Lloyd, the action folded to Pierce Hynes who re-raised to 1,500 from the cut-off; Tyanting Wang called out of the small blind, as did John Apostolidis from the big blind before Lloyd folded to make it three-handed to a flop of 4♣J♥10♦.

All players checked their option post-flop, but the others gave their hands up after Wang opened for 5,800 on the turn of the 5♥.

Tyanting Wang72,000Pierce Hynes55,300John Apostolidis55,200

Photo time!

As opposed to yesterday’s frenetic fracas on the felt, today’s Day 1B flight has a more subdued feel, with 22 players currently seated. Amongst those to have taken their seats during the first levels include Neb Blanusa, Pierce Hynes, Shane Baxter and John Apostolidis, along with Super High Roller final tablists Marco Perri and David Sun.

Level 2: 200/300 (300)

Stacked Poker Championship Main Event Day 1A: End of flight results

The official results are now in from last night’s Day 1A flight, with 25 players bagging through from a total of 70 entries. After a rollercoaster ride throughout the early stages, Truc La finished the night as overall chip leader, bagging up 329,000, with Yoon Kang close behind with 315,000.

Nick Borrillo (210,000), Jin Li (199,500) and Ben Tieu (195,000) rounded out the top five; previous Main Event Champions Michael Haddad and Joe Sandaev have also advanced to Day 2, along with Australian Poker Hall of Famer Billy ‘The Croc’ Argyros and reigning GPI Australian Player of the Year, Yita Choong.


NameChipsTruc La329,000Yoon Kang315,000Nick Borrillo210,000Jin Li199,500Ben Tieu195,000Michael Haddad172,500Ryan Hong166,000Huey Lam159,000Kenny Wang157,500Jamie Pham150,000Mike Gainer145,500Joe Sandaev133,500Adam Cusenza129,000Chris Edgar126,000Yita Choong108,500Tony Xu103,000Mata Ye96,000Billy ‘The Croc’ Argyros94,000Manny Rodriguez89,000Max Chea87,000Elliott Esca81,000Armon Van Wijk74,000Hayden Russell68,500Mitchell Reid58,000Jerry Zhang49,000

Cards in the air!

The order to shuffle up and deal has been given and Day 1B of the Stacked Poker Championship Main Event is now underway!

Once again, all players will start with 50,000 in chips and play through a dozen 40-minute levels, however tonight’s Turbo Day 1C flight will be slashed down to 20 minutes.

LevelSmall BlindBig BlindBB Ante11002002002200300300320040040043005005005300600600640080080075001,0001,00086001,2001,20098001,6001,600101,0002,0002,000111,2002,4002,400121,5003,0003,000

Level 1: 100/200 (200)

Flights of fancy

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